Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New MS in Cybersecurity Intelligence and Forensics.

Responding to requests from professionals in the field for a graduate program, Utica C. in New York has begun offering an online master of science in cybersecurity, intelligence and forensics.

Advocates note that the White House recently appointed a cybersecurity coordinator to examine national security threats in the form of electronic terrorism and intelligence. In addition, corporations have beome increasingly concerned about cyber crimes that can cost them upwards of $6 million a day.

Utica students will study the latest in “ever-changing attack and infiltration techniques” and take one of two tracks: cyber security or computer forensics. They are to graduate with “an understanding of the major concepts in cybersecurity, computer forensics, cyber counterintelligence, cyber intelligence; training in critical thinking and decision making skills related to attacks on national critical infrastructures; the application of cyber technology to field operations; ethics as applied to cybersecurity operations and policy and a practical knowledge of cybercrime investigations, including methods of maintaining the integrity of cyber evidence.”

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