Thursday, December 23, 2010

USDLA Looks at Achievements and Hindrances of Online Learning.

The United States Distance Learning Association has released a white paper, “Enabled by Broadband: Education Enters a New Frontier,” which discusses the achievements of and problems with distance learning, as well as pushes for reforms needed to promote further growth.

The four major points of the paper are: educators need to continue to push forward “online-based curriculums and the digital content to support it;” legislators must promote the effectiveness of distance learning by reconsidering “accreditation rules, teacher licensing requirements, copyright law and other laws and regulations” to remove barriers to technology in the classroom; policymakers should also push for broadband technology and online learning possibilities for all students, and they should get rid of burdensome laws and regulations that limit the availability of broadband connectivity.

“In order for 21st century distance learning opportunities to continue to flourish and allow more consumers immediate availability to convenient and affordable education, immediate access to affordable broadband must continue to grow,” said John Flores, executive director of the USDLA. “This paper highlights the measures we believe need to be taken in order to advance online learning and opportunity; and broadband access is a huge component of that need.”

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