Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Continuing Education Benefits Employees in the Workplace, New Study Finds.

This morning, a research firm released the results of a survey of employers across North America that confirms what you might think, but were uncertain was true: continuing education increases both employee income and corporate productivity.

That's the results featured in a new research paper, "Lifelong Education and Labor Market Needs," which states that 96 percent of employers said continuing education improves job performance and eighty-seven percent said it has a positive impact on pay scales, especially in the healthcare field.

Employers claim that education allows employees to "manage the skills gap between entry-level and mid-level positions," and is a factor in promotions. And companies state that supporting "employee education for advancement" reduced turnover costs.
"Education gives corporations a way to improve their productivity and reduce costs, while also giving employees a way to increase their income and advance within the company," said Amrit Ahluwalia, managing editor of The EvoLLLution, an online newspaper . "The question that remains is how to increase corporate and individual participation in professional development education."

To read the full research paper or view the results in an inforgraphic, see, www.evolllution.com/research .