Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colorado Cyber School Graduates First Class

In 2008,"eDCSD:" The Colorado Cyber School "opened its doors" offering onlne learning to students in kindergarten through 10th grade. It added 11th graders the next year and 12th graders in 2010.

This spring, the school, based in Douglas County, Colorado, graduated its first class. All graduates received a state-certified diploma from the Douglas County School District. The 19 graduates included a student who was able to attend school while caring for his father who was injured in Iraq.

"Each graduate possesses a unique story, an individual journey that led them to this time and place," said Sohne Vanselus, director, eDCSD. "But what they have in common is a pioneering spirit. Our students chose a non-traditional path and successfully applied themselves to the world of online learning. They took ownership of their learning; they bridged the gap between school and 'real' life. They are the epitome of 21st century learners."

When the Colorado Cyber School opened, its mission was "to make a difference in the lives of Colorado students and change the educational landscape in the county."

Also among the graduates are students who plan to study education at the U. of Arizona, business marketing at Colorado State U. and dance and business at New York U. There are also students enrolling in community colleges and film programs. Two students are pursuing rodeo careers while continuing their education.

While at eDCSD, which stands for the electronic Douglas County School District, students develope time management skills, according to Vansleus, balancing course loads with fulltime work schedules, athletic and artistic endeavors, or community service projects. Through the digital technology, students complete class projects, blog posts, and research papers or engage in debates and social interactions with other students.

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