Monday, January 4, 2010

Arizona Schools New K-12 Online Course Catalog

Happy New Year!

Tom Horne, Arizona Schools Chief, began the year by announcing the publication of a new Arizona Department of Education K-12 online course offering catalog. According to the ADE, “the catalog represents a listing of some of the K-12 online programs available to students statewide in a centralized location so that schools, parents, and students can view the vast course selection available to them”

Horne added: “With the fast growth of online learning, I wanted to make sure Arizona has a robust catalog of courses available to all students statewide. Online courses offer subjects that may not be available in a given school, help to students who wish to accelerate their learning and assistance to those students who may need extra time or options for their academic success.”

The catalog was posted today, January 4, and is divided by sections and then course descriptions. One section called "Education2020" includes courses in math, language arts, social sciences, sciences and electives. Credits for the courses are to transfer to individual schools (but Horne recommended students and parents check with their school first.)

For more info see Arizona Schools New K-12 Online Courses at .